Who are we? We are Heritage, and we are devoted to you, the customer. Not only do we strive to providing the best customer service we can, working with a wide variety of tools, but also by filling our store with delights and insights that we are certain will make your shopping experience the most pleasant possible.

Our passion: Lets be honest, we love beer, maybe too much... We are always on the lookout for new and interesting breweries and styles to drink and share with you; but it doesn't stop just there. We also hand select a wide variety of spirits, ranging from small batch craft distilleries to the well known and respected industry leaders; as well as carrying an ever changing selection of domestic and international wines.

Our story: Since our beginning in 2007 there has been one factor we have held dear. That is for you, our friends, to please, stop by and say hi; we are always more than happy to chat and share our experiences with anyone who is interested.

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Times, they are a changing... 

We are going through a monumental time in our stores life right now. As I write this, we are in the process of an outstanding expansion that will be providing us, and you in return, with a retail floor of almost 3 times its current size, (think of the possibilities!). This means we will have more fun and interesting things showing up in the near future. The process is slow however, as are most expansions of this proportion; but, keep checking back and we will for sure keep you all updated on any new changes that come our way.

The Progress so far...From the front
From the back
The shelving is coming along nicely, and most of the cooler is in too. We are almost there...