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Visiting 612 Brew

posted Apr 16, 2013, 12:24 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 16, 2013, 12:24 PM by Heritage Liquor ]
I still remember about five years ago when 612 Brew announced themselves on Twitter and I was so excited to finally have a brewery in Minneapolis where I live. Well it's been a few years and many Minneapolis brewery openings between now and then but 612 has arrived with a beautiful brewery and tap room in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, an area that is quickly becoming a brewery haven.

Judging by their space and design when we walked into the brewery it was well worth the wait. Wooden tables with cozy looking leather seats are laid out nicely across a large space adjacent to the bar. Another feature is the high resting counter area that spans most of the room and is perfect for resting a beer on while you stand and talk. I'm really digging the large fermenters that are sitting out in the open a mere twenty feet from the sitting area. It's wide open with no glass or walls.

After being extremely impressed with the layout of the place it was time to order some beers. I ended up ordering the Rated R which is a Rye IPA of sorts, one of my favorite styles. I thought the Rated R was rye forward with a nice citrus hop character. The malt and hops played well together while I didn't find it very bitter for an 80 IBU beer. I capped off the trip by sipping on some Zero Hour their hoppy Black Ale. This one was crisp and light for the style with a similar citrus hop flavor to the Rated R. A bit of resin flavor going on as well. I noticed a ginger lager on tap as well that I didn't get to try but it's cool to see them doing some interesting beers right out of the gate. Overall there is now another very cool spot to check out on the ever growing list of beer places to visit.