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Surly's New Temporary Taproom

posted Jul 8, 2013, 4:08 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 8, 2013, 4:08 PM by Heritage Liquor ]
by Patrick Doran

Surly, the driving force behind getting laws changed to allow taprooms in Minnesota, now has a temporary one of their own. I note temporary because as many of you know they are in the process of pulling together a massive new destination brewery in Minneapolis that promises to be world class. Many people have been out to their building in Brooklyn Center for a tour of the brewery or a release event. Now they have regular hours to grab a pint and often some grub from a food truck on Wednesday through Friday 3:00 to 9:00 and Saturday noon to 9.

I went with a buddy to check this place out on opening weekend which also happened to be the week when the Twin Cities were hit with horrible storms that created one of the worst power outages in history. What better way to spend a few hours of not having power than to check this place out? I showed up an hour after the taproom opened in the aftermath of trees down everywhere and was the first customer of the day. After hanging out for a few hours the place filled in nicely, even though by design they hadn't advertised or promoted the opening much to keep crowds manageable while they got accustomed to the new set up.

The first thing I noticed walking in was that the main room had been outfitted with some classy looking industrial tables, fixtures, and chairs with a very large TV mounted on the far wall. The bar area was mostly the same with a new magnetic board that noted what beers were available with what looked like large magnets that had the beers' logos on them. There was Smoke, Schadenfreude, and Diminished Seviin on tap as well as all the year-round and current seasonal offerings. Since I follow them on Twitter (@SurlyTap) I was able to find out that they have some plans to put some very fun beers on coming up including a Brett IPA collaboration with Three Floyds. Last weekend Cocoa Bender was on tap. This is definitely a must see spot. I will be back soon.