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Quick Take: New Glarus Winter Warmer

posted Jan 24, 2013, 7:26 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 24, 2013, 7:31 PM by Heritage Liquor ]


So its -10 degrees out. Seems like a good time to crack a New Glarus Winter Warmer to see how the most recent in the line of awesome Unplugged beers stacks up. Enigma and the Saison from a few years ago are my two favorites so far. I will be honest when I say Winter Warmer isn't the most exciting style for me. Avery's Old Jubilation is tasty and Deschutes Jubelale is unique, but this style is usually down on my priority list of malty winter beers. With that being said, I still have high expectations for this New Glarus brew.

Winter Warmer pours out a dark ruby-brown color into a tulip. About half an inch of beige head that leaves nice, staying lacing. The aroma is moderate caramel and slight plum. Taste is big thick caramel toffee and white bread sweetness. I get a hint of oak tannin on the finish. Maybe I'm just imagining some light oak barrel aging. Little to no hop character going on. The body is very thick with a moderate carbonation level, just enough fizz to make it slightly refreshing. Overall an impressive Scotch Ale take on a Winter Warmer. Wouldn't drive over Wisconsin just to get it, but really happy I got to try it.