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Checking Out Dangerous Man

posted Jan 28, 2013, 10:41 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 28, 2013, 10:41 AM by Heritage Liquor ]
I remember somebody telling me eight months ago that Rob at Dangerous Man was a good brewer who definitely made amazing hoppy beers and stouts. I work with and run into a lot of people who like to talk beer, but I've learned to trust most people when they know good beer and tell me to try something unsolicited. So here I was a few weeks into the year and I hadn't seen my buddies who I used to work with at Northern Brewer in almost two months since the holidays can be insane for retail employees. Things had slowed down finally so this seemed like a perfect time to try to grab a beer at the first brewery opening up in Minnesota in 2013.
We got to Dangerous Man around 8:30 on a Thursday. I parked on the street and walked up to what looked like a large corner coffee shop from the outside, walked in...and holy crap the place was packed and pretty loud. Not bad for a brewery that hadn't even officially opened. I scanned the room and found a few people I either recognized or half recognized. Lots of beer people in house. Then I saw our group posted up front and center at the bar with a group of filled sample glasses lined up and a few buddies sipping on brews from badass tulip glasses.
Ordered the Rye Pale ale which had a nice citrus hop flavor, not much bitterness...really pleasant. Got a chance to catch up with some former co-workers and in general take the place in. Dangerous Man has a really nice space that looked like a slightly artistic nice restaurant with a big community table in the middle of the room. Cozy but lots of tables and room to move around. This might be my favorite taproom space yet. Second beer for me was the Belgian Strong Golden which had nice peppery yeast character and slight floral hop flavor. Well done in a hard to do style.
No sooner did I order my second beer than was I grabbed by my buddy Joe and told to come on the private tour their assistant brewer, Keegan was kind enough to give. Joe and Aaron are pro brewers so they know a bit more about the ins and outs of commercial equipment than I do, so I let them talk some shop as we checked out their tight, but really well set up brewing space. We even got a tour of their so far unused basement area, which we all had to use our phone flashlights to see. It's basically an unfinished storage area that they refer to as their "Goonies basement". After not getting killed or tripping downstairs we headed back up, chatted a bit more and eventually called it a night.
I have since been back and the Chocolate Milk Stout and Coffee Stout are amazing. If I didn't have so many growlers already I would have bought one filled with one of these. It's awesome to see another new brewery make tasty beer without off flavors from the start. It doesn't seem like there is much room in the Minnesota beer scene to make mediocre beer anymore.

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