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Bad Weather Brewing Launch

posted Mar 26, 2013, 12:54 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 26, 2013, 12:54 PM by Heritage Liquor ]

Brewery launch events are always exciting especially when they are for a friend's brewery that you have watched up close be in the works for the last year. I have had the pleasure of tasting a good amount of pilot batches of recipes and I knew coming into the launch party to expect unique and well made beer right out of the gate.

Bad Weather is operating as an alternating proprietorship with Badger Hill and Lucid in Minnetonka. Their first two brews are Windvane, a hoppy year-round Red Ale, along with Ominous, a seasonal unique take on an Imperial Brown Ale. After tasting both at the launch party I am really happy to say that Joe and Zach, the co-founders are making dialed in and tasty beer right away. Not an easy task for a start up brewery. These guys were smart enough to get experience brewing on their system before venturing into their own commercial batches and it shows.

For now Bad Weather is planning on kegs only going just to bars and restaurants, with plans to expand to selling bottles later in the year. At the launch party I was able to sip on some of their Ominous that had coffee added in a cask while catching up with former co-workers in a packed crowd. It was close between this and the non-cask Windvane as to which one I liked the most. Windvane had a really nice citrusy and pine hop character while being dry and crisp despite the malt character. Ominous with coffee was coffee forward, but without overwhelming the chocolate and dark fruit flavor from the base beer. Both really stood out as well done.

We can expect more creativity from Bad Weather coming in the future as they plan their seasonal lineup around weather patterns and unique ingredients like rose hips. I even got a little preview of the art for their next seasonal called Migration. Pretty cool, right?