Kentucky Derby - Mint Julep

posted Apr 29, 2015, 12:05 AM by Heritage Liquor

By Andrew

With the Kentucky Derby happening this Saturday, I figured why not represent and share my thoughts on the official drink of the Derby, the Mint Julep.
 If you haven't had a Mint Julep, as I had not till writing this, I highly recommend them for the warm months coming up; ridiculously light and minty, the heat of the bourbon comes out just enough to tease you, but not so much as being all you taste. For mine I used Basil Hayden's Bourbon whiskey, but you can use which ever Bourbon you fancy most. If you really wanted to be fancy, Woodford Reserve makes a commemorative Kentucky Derby bottle every year full of delicious Bourbon, and we just so happen to have been sent some (Check it out)... 

Here is the "Official" recipe I found:
1tsp Powdered Sugar
2tsp Water
2oz Bourbon whiskey
4 mint leaves
In high ball glass, muddle mint, sugar and water, fill with crushed ice, add Bourbon and stir well. --I somewhat modified it by using about 2.5 tsp of homemade simple syrup (which is really just sugar water), a handful of mint leaves and 2.5oz of Bourbon.--  

After all that I was quite pleased. The hot vanilla sweetness of Basil Hayden's calmed down a fair amount and changed into a blend of minty, creamy vanilla which was quite surprising to me, but oh so very delicious. I regret not thinking to make this drink sooner in my life, mostly because if I could spend this Saturday watching the Kentucky Derby, or any Saturday for that matter, and sipping this, I would consider my day a day well spent. So hey, if you watch the Derby, cheers to you and may the odds be ever in your favor; if not, cheers to an awesome drink that would make yard work way more tolerable.