Doña Paula Estate Black Edition Red

posted Mar 16, 2015, 7:22 PM by Heritage Liquor

By Andrew

If you look at our newsletter two weeks back you'll see I featured a couple of the red blends that we have in stock at the shop, and this week I figured at least one of those deserved to be reviewed. I picked the Doña Paula from that selection, mostly because I have been meaning to try it since we brought it in almost a year ago, and because it has one of my favorite oddball grapes (Petite Verdot) blended in it along with Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Initially there is a very hot alcohol smell right when you open the bottle, but after a couple minutes that goes away completely and is replaced by a very Malbec aroma of plum, a bit of chocolate and a slight dustiness from the Petite Verdot. The body is very much influenced by the Cabernet making a very heavy mouth-feel and rich texture but also having the tannic dryness of a Malbec; from here it finishes with some light spice and  a slight leatheriness from the Petite Verdot. I'd say with such a great balances of flavors this is a pretty solid all around red blend that would likely go well with a savory, not spicy, beef curry or even an Americana oven roasted chicken with vegetables instead of the store bought pork and rice I had it with...