Dark Horse Cab

posted Sep 30, 2014, 1:28 PM by Heritage Liquor

By Andrew

We recently started carrying a new Cabernet that is quite delicious. Dark Horse Cabernet comes out of California, and it yells this fact from the roof tops boasting a big full body of rich dark purple and an aroma of earthy fruits. The flavors that stand out the most range from bing cherry to dark chocolate finishing with a noticable spiciness and a touch of dry salty espresso. I'm incredibly pleased with this wine, had my last glass of it a couple nights ago after having it open for almost 5 days and the flavors were stilll robust and solid. Personally, I drank it while going over some other wine tasting notes I'd taken earlier that day, but I would say this wine would pair great with big meat dinners and barbeque, or even an espresso chocolate torte with a wild berry garnish.