Dark Horse Big Red Blend

posted Oct 19, 2015, 8:42 AM by Heritage Liquor
By Andrew

Having had the other Dark Horse varieties, finishing up on the red blend seemed appropriate, especially with the cooler months coming and bonfire season upon us. The up front aroma of this wine is rich, dark and fruity, almost like it was full of plums with a couple dates mixed in for good measure to round out the nose while keeping the smell of alcohol at bay. First impression is of ripe dark fruits and with a bit of spice to carry the flavors to the back of your palate paired up with a light tannic dryness. The finish continues on the light note of not being over bearing, but still being flavorful and full of that dark spiced fruits, and having a lingering flavor almost of leather, but mostly of a sweet, dark spices. I can see this wine filling the winter niche of mulling also, having a spiciness to it already, adding the mulling spices and a touch of brandy to give a darker flavor would make a great evening.