Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon

posted Oct 6, 2014, 8:36 AM by Heritage Liquor

By Andrew

So, about that Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon review I promised... First of all, this stuff is delicious, little bit of an initial burn that just dwindles off to a sweet pop, good start I say. This bourbon has the very typical and pleasing caramel boozy aroma, the initial flavor is of light apple and citrus and finishes with a coating of caramel-vanilla on the tongue. The lingering flavor reminds me of what I would expect a medium toasted barrel would taste like, not overly charred, but still some smokiness. One last note on this, I have been drinking Corner Creek neat with some whiskey stones and a dab of water, however, I do have an idea that this bourbon would make a great Manhattan and Old Fashioned because there is that subtle citrus and vanilla floating around. I'm thinking I might have to do this one day soon.