Pre-Loaded with Beer

Tier 1 $59.99 (December 24th Retail value up to $10)
Loaded with quality Craft Beer form all over the world.

Tier 2 $99.99 (December 24th Retail value $10-20)
Loaded with Harder to find and Vintage beer from all over the world.

Tier 3 $149.99 (December 24th Retail value $20-30)
Loaded with Hard to Find, Vintage and Rare beer from all over the world and a few gems from the cellar

Tier 4 $199.99  (December 24th Retail value $30+)
Loaded exclusively with beers out of our legendary cellar that you will rarely find anywhere else.

*Loaded boxes are currently only available for pickup in store.

Box Only $25.99

We will work with you to design the box around the preferences of the beer lover that you are buying it for.
For more information or to order your box, stop in to the store or email us at