Wines for Thanksgiving 2015

posted Nov 10, 2015, 10:06 AM by Heritage Liquor   [ updated Nov 25, 2015, 5:11 PM by Heritage Liquor ]
This year we have a great line up of wines to pair with your Thanksgiving meal, may it be traditional or otherwise. This is also another introduction to some of our newer wines to hit our shelves also. So check back often and see what we think are a couple delicious additions to your Thanksgiving feasting.
A Posto Barbera
A Posto Barbera

First up for our picks is a new wine out of Italy that is already selling ridiculously well. A Posto is a wine made from the Barbera grape grown in the Piedmont region of Italy (read: the North-Western most region of Italy) This wine will be a great contender for your dinner with its deceiving light body and big flavors.  Up front this wine smells like freshly harvested black currants, very dark and nutty almost, but the initial taste is more of tart cherry and a touch of cedar finishing off with a medium palate drying tannin feel. This wine, despite the drying finish would be a great compliment to cranberry sauce, mashed patatoes (or sweet potatoes even) and gravy, and for a non-traditional dinner, pizza. Barbera wine pair fantastically well with pizza.

Veuve Du Vernay Brut Rosé

There is always room for desert during Thanksgiving, so why not grab your pie or ice cream, or glass of champagne and have at it! The Veuve Du Vernay Brut Rosé, is the perfect desert drink. A slightly acidic but sweet nose greets you to follow into a creamy, light raspberry note with a touch of strawberry and creme to make this a great pairing for almost any desert option including conversation, board games, or a camp fire. If you need more desert pairing ideas, strawberries and creme is a great option, as would be cheese cake with a mixed berry drizzle or a fruit parfait.
**If Rosé isn't your thing, we also have the Brut as well, which is more on the bright almost lychee fruit side of champagne, both are delicious and will please most anyone that joins you for thanksgiving.
Valforte Rosé

As the preview said, we will be pairing the Valforte Rosé with the ham portion of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Rosé wines have been getting some bad press over the years with the introduction of the sweet White Zinfandel, but fear not, the Rosé that we have for you is far from the stereotype sweet pink wine. The Valforte is a wine that really represents the Rosé style, it is a medium, almost light. bodied wine that has the characteristic light fruit aromas. The flavors are that of earthy ripe strawberries and the drying flavors of raspberries and a very low acidity. The finish is very light with a note of cranberries and slight honey. Pairing a Rosé with ham is the most common option, it also goes well with creamy desserts like cheesecake or a fruity pie. If you are going the non-traditional route, pairing this wine with a cranberry-orange chutney on waffles or sweet barbecue is something that sounds pretty good.

Sterling Vintner's Collection Aromatic White

The Sterling Vintner's Collection Aromatic White is the last in line for Thanksgiving recommendations. This semi-sweet, fruit forward white will make a great pairing with turkey and especially ham. A light-bodied white, with notes of citrus and floral, this wine was featured a couple months ago as a wine to pair with grilling and if you plan to grill you Turkey you are on the right path. Not only will this go great with the traditional ham and turkey, but it will also go great with grilled chicken tacos, or even a big Cob salad.