November Wine of the Month - Starling Castle Riesling

posted Nov 8, 2014, 12:22 PM by Heritage Liquor   [ updated Nov 8, 2014, 12:31 PM by Heritage Liquor ]

By Andrew

Thanksgiving is coming up, and that means this month we are doing a bit of food pairing for Wine of the Month. We will be featuring Starling Castle Riesling for November for its great ability to go well with the traditional Thanksgiving fare. The light fruitiness, and touch of honey that makes up this German treat is definitely what the ham and turkey are begging for; I’ve paired this and other rieslings with Thanksgiving meals and thoroughly enjoyed the pairing. Another fun bit of news is that this month we are also offering the 20% off on the 1.5L bottles of Starling Castle Riesling as well. Yay bigger bottles!

**And keep your eyes open, because as the 27th approaches, we might throw in another contender for you as well. The next two months are going to be full of delicious treats my friends. Just sayin’.