A month of Muscats Pt.3

posted Jun 12, 2015, 8:24 PM by Heritage Liquor   [ updated Jun 12, 2015, 8:25 PM by Heritage Liquor ]

By Andrew

This weeks feature is another offering from Italy, just this one is coming from the Provence of Pavia, a region of northern Italy not famed for its wines, but withing the region of Lombardia which is known for producing wines ranging from high-end Nebbiolo to everyday table wines. As for this Moscato, it has stood out as the previous ones have in not being overly sweet, but light and crisp and still having a nice floral sweetness and crisp acidity on the finish. With that acidity making it the brightest and most citrusy of the bunch so far, it will pair fantastically with many small plate meals like sharp cheese spreads with light meats as well as savory desserts and spicy meats. The best thing about this wine is that we have it on sale right now for $5.99, the down side to that is the supply is somewhat limited, so if you want to try it I would recommend stopping in and grabbing a couple bottles. I would hate to get you hooked on a wine and not have you have the ability to get more of it, just sayin'... Cheers!