Grilling & Wine Pt. 3

posted Jul 17, 2015, 9:13 PM by Heritage Liquor   [ updated Jul 17, 2015, 9:13 PM by Heritage Liquor ]

By Andrew

Another great weekend meal happened for pt.3 of the grilling and wine series. The feature of the week is the Sterling Vineyards Aromatic White, this wine is prominently a light weight semi-sweet white with very noticeable juicy and floral notes with a orange citrus acidity. As for the cooking portion, like what I did with the wine last week, I used the Sterling in the marinade I made for the pork chops this week adding in some Monterey spice blend, garlic and olive oil; left it to marinate for 2hrs then threw it on the grill. The finished product turned out to be pretty interesting, the sugars in the wine blended in with the olive oil and made a great charred crust on the meat while keeping the inside still juicy and tender, while the rest of the meal balanced the meat and wine with some sweet peppers, roasted corn and naan all off the grill as well. Full finished meal, pretty awesome. The peppers were just sweet enough that they carried the sweet citrus of the wine over into the meat and mellowed out with the corn and naan. I can say for certain I was not 100% sure how this weeks meal would turn out, but I think it went over pretty well and I would very much say this was another success.